Coordinating a Small Group

Studying and discovering your Spiritual Gifts is a wonderful undertaking for a small group. If you are not already a part of a Sunday school class, Bible Study or a group of Christian friends consider starting a small group. This can be done through your church or in your living room. All it takes is people who are interested in knowing God better through His Word and supporting other Christians in their spiritual growth.

In your church speak with the leadership about whether it is better to introduce this curriculum to an existing group or start something new. If the latter is preferred, people can be found by word of mouth or an announcement from the podium, bulletin or newsletter that will let the congregation know that a new study is being offered.

Just like the early Christians you can also start a group just by finding a few interested individuals and meeting in someone’s home. Make a few phone calls or send out an e-mail, then discuss a day and location that works for most people.

A small group can work with as few as 2 and as many as 20, but a target is 6 to 12 – enough to offer a variety of insight and observation and not so many that some will get lost in the crowd.