Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

How do I Discover My Spiritual Gifts?

Discovering your Gift from God is one of the greatest things you can do to jump-start your Christian life. It can give your service new direction. It can give you newfound confidence and appreciation for the way God made you. It might help you understand why you like or dislike your job. As you discover your spouse’s or children’s Motivational Gifts you can begin to understand, love and nurture that gift. It is truly a thrill to watch your family serve God in ways that bring them joy.

The workbook Exercising the Body of Christ is designed to guide you through the discovery process. With a combination of scripture, prayer and assessment tests you should allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to the truth.

 Guidelines for Discovering your Spiritual Gifts:

  • Ask for forgiveness. Sin is anything that separates us from God. Then ask God to reveal your gift.
  • Be a servant. All spiritual gifts are specifically about giving ourselves to others. Anything else is just incidental.
  • Open your heart, mind and spirit. Don’t look for a gift that you think you want or reject one that you don’t.
  • Give it time. Be patient and test out areas of service to see if they fit. You will get joy out of using your gift.
  • Examine yourself. Are there any emotional, environmental or esteem issues creating a wall between who you are and who God wants you to be?
  • Don’t depend on others to reveal your gift. Take the input of those that know you and weigh your own motivations. God can speak through others, but allow that to be just one step in your discovery process.
  • Care. Are you apathetic to how God wants to use you? Your unique combination of gifts and capabilities could reach someone that no one else ever could.