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kiahuntAbout Kia Hunt

Introduced to the concept of spiritual gifts by my parents, I have spent most of my life with a basic knowledge of how God gifts us. However, it was not until becoming a wife and mother that the true value of this knowledge became clear. On a personal level, knowing my gifts brought me closer to God and helped me to understand myself. As a wife, discovering my husband’s gifts opened my eyes to why we didn’t always agree. Instead, I could thank God for those differences, knowing that he was perfectly made to reach out to someone in a way that I never could. On becoming a mother, finding how my child is gifted by God has been invaluable. I know better how to pray for him, discipline, communicate, understand why he acts the way he does, but mostly how to encourage him into the fullness of God’s plan for his life.

I began to research and study all I could find on the subject of spiritual gifts. I found several resources specifically focusing on the Motivational Gifts that are very helpful and highly recommended. However, once I had a solid understanding of these, I was hungry to take the next steps to embrace the Ministry and Manifestation Gifts. Not finding a ready book or study that explained all three in the same context – and with equal importance – I started putting together my own findings on the subject. The result of several years of work is compiled into the workbook available through this website. I pray you are blessed as you go through the workbook. Please feel free to contact me with your questions or comments.