Exercising the Body of Christ

A Workbook to Workout Your Spiritual Gifts!
- By Kia Hunt

God has given you Spiritual Gifts you can use to glorify Him and help others. This workbook contains information to help you understand and use your gifts. Includes workbook PLUS Leader's Guide! 

Maybe you’ve heard of spiritual gifts before. Maybe you’ve even taken a class or read a book on the subject, but did you know that Spiritual Gifts can change your life in ways that affect every aspect of your life?

Why do you need to know about Spiritual Gifts? If I Cor. 12:1 (Now about the gifts of the Spirit, brothers and sisters, I do not want you to be uninformed. NIV) doesn’t convince you, nothing will. God wants you to know your gifts and how to use them because He knows how much it will improve your life. Scroll down for more info!

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More Information about Spiritual Gifts

Discover Yours Today!

Discover your Spiritual Gifts

Jump-Start your Christian Life

Motivational Gifts

Gifts from God the Father

Leading a Small Group

You can lead a Bible Study!

Coordinating a Small Group

Studying and discovering your Spiritual Gifts is a wonderful undertaking for a small group.

What are Manifestations Gifts?

The Spirit manifests Himself through these gifts to edify the church.

What are Ministry Gifts?

Gifts from the Lord Jesus Christ

Book Preview

  • Chapter 1

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  • Chapter 5

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  • Chapter 9

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  • Spiritual Gifts Test

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This workbook includes the information to help you find your spiritual gifts! The 46 page guide is great for a Bible Study.



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  • I just want to say that your spiritual gift workbook is truly a blessing and a very handy tool. I do hope that someday we could meet – but in the meanwhile – thank you for playing a great Part in equipping me further as a teacher to prepare the bride! 
    Blessings and love,
    Tamim Ministries, South Africa
  • I am a Wesleyan Methodist Church pastor in Australia. I am doing a series on "God's Gifts to His People" over the next 10 weeks. In the process of research I came across your website and the Motivational Gifts Test you freely distribute. I have downloaded and run off a copy of your workbook. Well done - a great workbook with much useful information!
    —Tom M.
  • Kia, I've been asked to teach a ladies' Bible Study and would like to do one on Spiritual Gifts that is not too complicated and for about 12 weeks. Your book seems to fit the bill perfectly and I do like it!
     —Cathy P.
  • I just want to say that I Thank God for you!!  I have been struggling for weeks with a lesson on Spiritual Gifts in our Bible Study.  The leader’s guide that I have is so different from the “student” guide.  The ladies in my Bible Study are much older than I am and are mature Christians in their walk with Jesus. I know that God lead me to your book and the website.

    —Debbie C.                      
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